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4 years in 7 minutes

4 years in 7 minutes

R O B I N  -  Watch for Wishes


A social impact movie about an ill child's bucketlist as the heart of a global charity campaign.

t h e   m o v i e

A man of words is forced to become a man of action as John discovers the secret bucket list of his terminally ill son Robin. The two abscond from the hospital to experience a father-son adventure in South Africa and fulfill the boy‘s greatest wishes – as the police pursue John for kidnapping

w a t c h   f o r   w i s h e s

ROBIN isn’t just another movie – it’s the heart of a social impact campaign. ‘Watch for Wishes‘ is an online donation campaign helping to fulfill the wishes of actual children with life-threatening medical conditions or children living in poverty. From April 21st until May 22nd ROBIN has been available to watch for free on and on YouTube from all over the world.

h o w   i t   w o r k s

For every view the movie got online, our campaign-partners have donated ten cents to charity. That means with over 250.00 views on YouTube we were able to raise more than 25.000 Euro in one month! The money was donated in equal parts to the McDonald's Kinderhilfe Stiftung Germany, SOS Children's Village and the DKMS.

a   s o c i a l   i m p a c t   m o v i e

We want to introduce the element of social responsibility into filmmaking: the viewer creates real life impact for society simply by watching a feature film for free. The core topic of ROBIN – the search for a fulfilled life with meaning – matches the message of the campaign as well as the spirit of a whole generation.

To maximize the social impact vis-á-vis the production costs, we had to minimize our budget. Companies provided non-cash benefits and sponsoring. Locations were allowed to be used at no cost, and the entire cast and crew forsook any remuneration. This allowed us to shoot a feature film whose budget would have been in the millions of dollars for a fraction of the usual costs.

w h o   w e   a r e

We are a young FilmCrew from Germany committed to making movies not only for their own sake but also to use this emotional medium to foster social impact. To change people‘s minds – and lives! With the ‘Watch for Wishes‘ project we try to accomplish this in the most direct and powerful way. ROBIN is a story we have been carrying in our hearts and minds for over four years. The movie is based on true stories and personal experiences with terminally ill children, and it‘s going to be the springboard for many inspiring stories.

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